Water Valley Ranch 2017 Highlights

Water Valley Ranch 2017 Highlights

Our guest ranch had an amazing year. Every group we hosted was so unique and special, and all left a positive mark on our ranch. We want to share with you a few highlights from our year and encourage you to visit us next season for your family reunion, wedding, corporate retreat, or a simple getaway vacation.

We first had the pleasure of hosting an amazing group of students as they completed a wellness course. The teachers and students took full advantage of our property by participating in yoga by the river, ascending mountains by horseback, accomplishing classroom tasks in our conference space and hiking through the Encampment Wilderness.

We then had the honor of hosting a picturesque wedding where friends and family joined and celebrated over the course of a weekend. Beautiful flowers and decorations made Water Valley Ranch even more enchanting while guests danced and enjoyed each other’s company. The crowd also took the opportunity to play in the lake and go on relaxed trail rides into the forest.

We then had an awesome adventure hosting a group of business professionals as they improved their leadership skills in a military inspired course. The surrounding wilderness provided the perfect setting for this course as participants were put into teams and worked together to complete a mission.

Next we had the opportunity to host an oil and gas company based out of Texas as they enjoyed a senior leadership retreat. This group engaged in a host of activities including fly fishing, renting out four wheelers, golfing at nearby public and private courses, and chartering a bus to watch the eclipse from a special Wyoming location.

Another big highlight of the year was Water Valley Ranch’s dining experience Epicurean Outdoors. Chef Juan Coronado impressed everyone by preparing exquisite five course meals as well as creating a beautiful presentation of the food. Guests also participated in a demo cooking session where Juan taught everyone how to make a delicious meal at home. When not savoring delicious foods, guests took advantage of horseback riding, lake activities and telling stories by the fire.

We are also extremely excited to announce our big plans for next year. Water Valley Ranch will be making some renovations including new flooring and updated furnishings in our popular suites such as the Encampment Suite, Cascade Suite and Soldier Creek Suite. We are making it a goal to refurbish all lodge suites in 2018. Make sure to book with us for next year to get a taste of everything we have to offer here at Water Valley Ranch.