Hiking & Biking


Experience the Wilderness at your pace

Water Valley Ranch is fortunate to be located in a splendid section of the Rocky Mountains where outdoor activities are abundant. Trails are superb for both hiking and mountain biking. Please note that we do not supply mountain bikes. The impressive Encampment River trail is easily accessible from the Water Valley Ranch property. Water Valley Ranch is nestled next to the Encampment Wilderness area in the Wyoming Rocky Mountains.  The Encampment River flows north out of Colorado into Wyoming through the 10,124-acre Encampment Wilderness and then immediately through our property. The Encampment River Trail runs through the wilderness, past Water Valley Ranch and on into the Town of Encampment.

 If you are interested in taking the day to delve into the wilderness, notify our staff and they will supply packed lunches.

Encampment River Wilderness