Gathering Spaces

Water Valley Ranch has a wide variety of gathering spaces that are suitable for any occasion. 

Our lodge includes an area for games such as pool, shuffle board, darts, an oversized chess table and a grand piano. Also in the lodge is a large dining area to accommodate everyone during meal times and a separate area for the bar. The lodge also has a conference room on the second story that’s perfect for corporate meetings or classroom activities. 

We have a great outdoor patio with tables and chairs to kick your feet up and relax. The patio also includes a large fire pit that’s ideal for evening gatherings. 

The lake and river are perfect for swimming, fishing or relaxing in the sun. Kayaks, a fishing boat, paddle boards and lounging chairs are all included for your enjoyment. 

The trails are perfect for getting a group together and going on an adventure. Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, or horseback riding, the surrounding wilderness is excellent for outdoor group activities. 

We also have a large teepee that can sit up to 10 people!