Horseback Riding

 Horseback riding at Water Valley Ranch is a uniquely personal experience. We offer guided trail rides through the wilderness while overlooking crystal clear lakes, shimmering rivers and extraordinary mountain views.

Safety Regulations


We require guests 14 and under to wear a helmet while riding. Ages 15-17 must have a parent sign off if they choose not to wear a helmet and ages 18 and up must sign a waiver if they also choose not to wear a helmet.

Horseback Rides for Ages 6 and Under

For guests that do not reach our trail age requirements, we offer 10-20 minute rides led by hand around the property, free of charge. This is a great opportunity for children to get the experience of riding a horse while still remaining safe and comfortable.

What To Wear While Horseback Riding 

We require that guests wear long pants and close toed shoes. We also ask that hats and accessories are secured and will not fall off. We have saddle bags for guests to store cameras, phones, water bottles, etc.

Interacting With The Horses

Our horses love showing off their dashing looks and getting attention from our guests. We welcome everyone to enjoy the company of our horses, but ask that guests stay on the other side of the horse enclosure.

Horseback Riding Safety Restrictions

For safety purposes and the physical limitations of our horses, we do not allow guests weighing over 250 pounds to ride. Also for safety purposes, we do not allow guests that are pregnant, injured, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol to ride. We have the right to deny any guests the ability to ride or engage with the horses if they exhibit behavior that could cause themselves, others, or the horses injury.

Photo taken by Parker Young.
Photo Taken by Parker Young