Directions from Encampment to Water Valley Ranch:

  1. Head west out of Encampment on Highway 70 toward Baggs
  2. Go approx .4 tenths of a mile and turn left on County Road 353 toward the Encampment River and Trail head.
  3. After you turn left off of highway 70 onto County Road 353 stop and reset your odometer. The mileages from this point forward are from the intersection of Highway 70 and County Road 353.
  4. You will observe the following as you hit each mile mark on your odometer.
  5. Always stay on a main road. (Don’t take any 2 Tracks).
  6. The only right you take on a main road is the first right fork at .9 mile mark. After that you always stay to the left on a main road.


Odometer Reading (Approx)

Veer right at fork (left goes to Encampment River & Campground) .9
Cattle Guard 2.5
Stay left at fork (Sign says Encampment River to left) 3.2
Culvert 4.9
Cattleguard 5.2
Bridge 5.6
Cattleguard 7.3
Water Valley Ranch Gate 7.7
Approx distance from Highway 70 – 7.7 miles  
Approx driving time – 30 Minutes